Energy OutWest 2014 San Diego – All Done, A Success!


 Featured Speakers: John Tooley, Joe Lstiburek, Craig Zablocki

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Energy OutWest 2014 took place in April in San Diego and I must say it had everything you look for in a conference: it was informative, inspirational and fun. Over 600 attendees enjoyed spending time with their weatherization industry colleagues, exchanging notes and ideas on all sorts of topics from program management, and the latest version of ASHRAE’s ventilation standard, to the new Quality Control inspector credential and much, much more.

Conference highlights included an inspirational opening session with Craig Zablocki that had the audience laughing and cheering and remembering what it was like to be a kid again – and why it is so important to remember those natural behaviors. An infant laughs and smiles over 200 hundred times a day compared to us dour grownups who can only manage a smile 6 or 7 times a day.

Talk of Weatherization’s future was in the air and I heard a healthy dose of optimism from both the elders and the youngsters. It was great to see and hear from some of the 200+ attendees with 5 years or less in our industry. But they were treated to a variety and depth of session topics that comes from an Energy Efficiency Retrofit Industry that has grown up. Vitality and maturity.

As always, Jack Hruska MC’d “the competition” Wednesday night; the battle fun filled and the intensity fierce. Your new champions of all things San Diego and Energy related are: Competition photos.

Team Competition Winner – EastMeetsWest

Winning Team

Can anyone help with id’ing the unnamed folks?

Left to Right: Dempsey ?, Chris Baker, Kelly Cutchin, fellow kneeling?, fellow behind plaque?, fellow behind John Tooley, John Tooley, Les Woody, Anthony Cox, Mike Frary(not pictured)


Energy OutWest would not be complete without our traditional Jam Session showcasing some of the other talents of this remarkable bunch of people who work in the Health, Safety, Durability and Energy Efficiency of Buildings. Some of our folks know how to jam! Jam session photos.

Get ready to mark your calendars, as planning is already underway for EOW 2016. The standard has been set pretty darn high, but that’s the way we like it.

John Davies

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Every other year Energy OutWest organizes and delivers a regional weatherization (wx) conference. Our conferences receive wide attendance by weatherization professionals from community assistance agencies in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, the Navajo Nation, and the Intertribal Council of Arizona. Commercial weatherization professionals also participate significantly both in learning sessions and with displays of their products and services.

Energy OutWest conferences follow this format:

  • Tutorials - Monday and Tuesday – half-day and full day hands-on training in weatherization and renewable energy technology – in the field or at a local training facility
  • Main Conference - Wednesday – Friday – 2 ½ days including presentations by nationally recognized keynote speakers and a wealth of sessions that are organized along weatherization lines that can range from “new wx technician” to “program management” to “sustainable solutions”.  And companies in the energy efficiency field have their products and services displayed prominently. There are plenty of opportunities to network, work, and learn, but there always is fun, too.  Energy OutWest conferences have a number of entertaining traditions including a music jam night and a competition session with awards for winners.

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