AEA Improves Multifamily Buildings

Across California and New York, the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. provides energy and green building technical services to building owners, developers, and affordable housing organizations looking to evaluate or improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.  In California, AEA currently serves as the technical assistance provider for two multifamily retrofit programs: Marin Clean Energy’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program and the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements Program.  For each of these two programs, AEA provides technical assistance in the form of site assessments, diagnostic testing, engineering calculations, and construction oversight for multifamily properties in the California Bay Area.


In addition to these programs, AEA is currently engaged in providing mechanical system specifications, energy audits and energy modeling, HERS verification, construction oversight, GreenPoint Ratings, and commissioning services for numerous projects across California.   Recent Project:  Community Housing Partnership (CHP) | The Cambridge | 2012- Present   AEA recently completed work on a flagship rehabilitation project for the Community Housing Partnership (CHP) in San Francisco.  The Cambridge is a seven story, affordable housing, multifamily apartment building that was built in 1926 and is located at 473 Ellis Street in San Francisco, CA.  AEA has enabled CHP to achieve the highest score possible under the Sustainable Building Methods section of the Tax Credit Allocation Committee’s (TCAC) program regulations. AEA has provided the following services in order to assist CHP in rehabilitating this building while meeting the high performance energy efficiency and green building goals of the organization.

  • Comprehensive energy audit and energy savings analysis. Modeled energy savings for the recommended scope of work was 26%.  Recommendations included new heating and domestic hot water boilers, low temperature panel radiators, in-unit and common area lighting upgrades, new efficient appliances, and an overhaul of the existing ventilation system.
  • Complete Green Point Rating consulting and verification services for this project.  The project anticipates 102 points once construction is complete.
  • Performance of site visits throughout the construction process to verify that the modeled energy improvements were installed as per the design intent so as to ensure that the projected energy savings are achieved.
  • AEA performed the function of the Commissioning Coordinator and developed the Commissioning Plan, and assisted the owner in developing the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the functional testing protocols.  AEA developed the functional tests with input from the design team, which then incorporated those testing procedures into the building plans and specifications. Functional testing of the newly installed systems is currently underway, the results of which will be presented to the owner with any construction deficiencies clearly identified for correction.
  • AEA is currently collecting trend data from the building’s newly installed Building Management System (BMS). The results of this trend data analysis will be used to identify any further equipment operations or tune-up opportunities that can be implemented before contractors hand the building back to the owner.
  • AEA is in the process of developing both project-specific and portfolio-wide building operations and maintenance manuals, including replacement specifications and operating information of all energy and green building features.

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